July 15th, 2007


Its funny just seeing Cleo try to use the chopsticks. Not to mention the size of the thing that she is trying to eat. But i think she does know how to use already.

Well done girl. Good Job!

Suntec Fountain

June 30th, 2007


It was a full day out. We went for a noon birthday party at Kallang Mcs and later in the afternoon ended up in Suntec. The discovery of the day other then the Gloria Jeans would have to be the new water feature.

The water looked as if it was flowing backwords with the help of 4 strobe lights.


Here is Cleo with her good friend Rebecca looking like best friends.


Just round the corner were a few boards covering shops that are undergoing construction. The kids in the picture had all their hands up, hence that was an obvious pose Cleo and Rebecca did.

Zoo June 07

June 23rd, 2007


Cleo always look away when someone is trying to take a picture of her. I’m not sure what she is thinking, but i’m sure she understands the concept of taking photos.

Anyway, this is Cleo hugging the bronze sea lion at the Singapore Zoo.

East Coast

June 22nd, 2007


A day out with daddy is always fun. Off to east coast we went this time. Clié was busy skating and Cleo had a go at Clié’s scooter instead. It was adjusted for Clié’s height, so its kinda high for Cleo, but she had fun anyway.


Cloe was quite clever, she found a small slope nearby and went up to the top of the slope and came rolling down with the scooter. Really proud of her, what a clever girl.


Cleo loves daddy and daddy loves Cleo. Words cannot describe…

One necklace is never enough

June 16th, 2007


Morning it was off to Sentosa and in the afternoon it was time for Vivo. Cleo loves accessories and you can see one is never enough. On top of that, the water bottle is something that i just can’t get off her. Cleo had to have it. Among all the things around of neck, i can’t argue that the water bottle have to come off as it was the only useful thing there.


The cheeky girl ran around, made faces, had a super baggy skirt and was half the time pulling it up. Amazingly cute i tell you… and the best part is we can bring her home with us… everyday… 🙂

Wild Wild Wet

June 1st, 2007


Its the school holidays so both daddy and Mommy took leave to bring the kids out. This time its off to Wild Wild Wet. As it was a wet ordeal, we did not take much pictures, but here is one with Cleo and Daddy posing at the most predictable place ever.

Started of with Mac Breakfast, then when Rebecca came, it was time to get wet.

It was a nice day with Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Desmond and Aunt Hazel also.

Happy Day Girl

April 29th, 2007


Today Cleo signs up for her the very first membership since she was born and its a big one. She is now officially a member of Sentosa. The picture above is taken by Clié so that explains the composition.

Cleo has an interesting character. She is never bored. She can self entertain. Here we are… waiting for things to be processed and here she is enjoying herself walking around laughing at who knows what. She is definitely a happy girl.

Cleo have this phrase that she always says, “Happy day”. Sometimes she will ask “Today happy day?” meaning, “will we go out and do something interesting?” or at the end of the day she will say “Today happy day!”, meaning “I totally enjoyed the day and I had fun.” sometimes she will repeat “Happy day! Happy day!”, meaning “lets go out now… why are we still at home.”. Cleo is our Happy Day girl!

Sunshine Girls

April 22nd, 2007


lalala… Cleo is such a free spirited girl… lalala… Its a lot of joy just having her around.


The two sisters love one another alot and they basically spend all their time together.


Our beautiful girls… our Sun Shine Girls…

1st Day of Nursery

March 19th, 2007


Cleo have always been used to sleeping late, sometimes even later then us and we don’t insist her to sleep early, cuz she don’t have to wake up early for school… But since she is starting school, we have been trying to get her to sleep early for several days already, but to not much success.

Its lights on and changing time, we literally picked her up and change her like we are changing a pillow case cover. The word she kept repeating, “Later! Later!”, that was really funny.


After a basic wash up, mommy tied 2 plaits for her and she is ready for her first day for nursery.


It’s a good thing that both girls go to the same school, they will take the same school bus, leave and arrive back home the same time. Also its good to know that Cleo will be able to see Clie in school at times and its not so lonely there.


I think the whole concept of school / nursery is still quite new to Cleo, she don’t really know whats happening. I mean, if you put yourself in her shoes, it’s a huge difference from staying home everyday as compared to coming together with so many strangers. Also not knowing whats next and not knowing that this is not a one off thing, I really wonder what she is thinking while we were peeping thru the window while she was having assembly with all the other kids in the school.


Her attention span is short and I don’t blame her. She don’t even know what the teachers are talking about and she is sleepy, she is so not the morning kid.


After assembly, its back to class for some snacks and not without first washing hands. Cleo queues up for her turn at the hand dryer before leaving the kids loo.


She knows we are just at the window and starts to wink at us. This is our special signal.

This will be the place Cleo will be spending her time till she hits 7 and move on to primary school. Although she is only 2+ now, it feels as if time is passing very fast, way too fast.

Beautiful Dress

February 10th, 2007


I dunno where my wife got this dress, but i think its absolutely beautiful.

Cleo is starting to learn how to talk. She can say long sentences with only a few words and alot of gibberish. She gets the tone right with matching facial expressions and its as if she’s speaking in another language, cuz at times we can’t understand what she’s saying, but it sounds really cute and we love her loads.

Sad Girl

January 21st, 2007


Cleo is no longer a baby, she knows what she wants, she have opinions, she can be sad when things don’t go her way. Its just a nicer way of saying “she is becoming quite naughty!”

Christmas Day

December 25th, 2006


Chirstmas was a monday this year and we all went out for almost the whole day. No plans, just family time.

Cleo always look good no matter what and here she is wearing this nice flairyish skirt. It almost feel like mommy have a similar one too. hmm… not too sure.

Its good to know that the girls are good to each other and love each other alot. They are not only sisters, but also playmates, room mates and best friends too. I can’t wait for them to grown up, but then again i hope they never grow up.

Scary Face

December 12th, 2006


This is Cleo’s version of SCARY FACE! Tell her to show you her scary face when you see her and this is what she will do. lol…

Day out

December 2nd, 2006

Today we go out!! Cleo is all dressed and ready. In the day we went to many places and at night, we ended up at Changi Airport for dinner.

We had a feast. Its been a long time since we ate like this.

Being Christmas time, the airport is all decorated with Christmas trees and plenty of festive decorations and of cause we had to take a picture of the kids with the christmas tree. Kids being kids, they were moving so much that its almost impossible to take a picture of them. As you can see Cleo had a weird pose and the funny thing is, she always does that.

We did not have starbucks, but…

we did bring home an angel…

The face that melts a thousand hearts

November 30th, 2006

Cleo is growing up fast. She is getting curious. She can now articulate some things and can tell us what she wants. “whaisdis”, “there gwo there…”, “outside”, “see”, “eat eat”…

She can sing too to her familiar CDs. She hums and when it gets to the chorus, she will sing louder at the words she can pronounce.

Cleo is still as adorable as always… always happy… always cheeky… always Cleo…