Water Play at Zoo

April 25th, 2009

Water Play

There is a new water play area at the Zoo and we brought the kids there to enjoy the Saturday morning.

As we went with Pearl’s sister’s family too, Clié was busy playing with her cousin who is of the same age and left Cleo to play by herself. Cleo have already gotten use to it as it happens all the time. More so when Clié’s type of playing is running and running very fast, Cleo is so not into that. She is fine playing by herself, very much like mommy.

Water Play

The things there were quite fun. Cleo could make a dam, block the water, see how the water flows thru the little holes, etc. I can see that she is trying all sorts of combination to see what would happen. Its like a mini hydro science lab here.

Water Massage

Cleo being very much like mommy, enjoys also a good hydro massage. She sees mommy doing something like this before, so she tried it out. I think she enjoyed it as she was in that position for quite some time. OMG, she is so so so much like mommy.

Kite Flying Day

March 21st, 2009

Cleo loves her kite

Cleo likes to fly her triangle rainbow coloured kite. The first time she flew a kite was when there was a kit fling event near where we stayed. She choose this kite over all other kites, even the bigger and more expensive kites. I think it the simple design and it being colourful that makes her like it so much.

Look its way up there

Look how high it is.

Happy girl hahaha lol

The happy girl laughs at everything and anything. Just like mommy.

run run

Here she is trying to run fast enough to lift the kite.

Both sisters flying kites

It started getting really hot as morning is slowly turning into noon, so we packed up and headed home.

The girls had fun. Cleo especially loved it.

Happy CNY 2009 from Cleo

January 26th, 2009


Gong Xi Gong Xi. Cleo wishes all a happy CNY. This is her very first Chong Sam outfit & she loves it.

Flowers at Sentosa

January 25th, 2009

Cleo loves flowers

Cleo love flowers. When ever she see any on bushes, she will want to pluck them. We have told her not too, hence from a very young age, she knows that she can only pick up flowers that have dropped to the ground.

The happened to be a flower event happening while we were at Sentosa, so its photoshooting time!

She looks so so happy here.

Snow White

December 13th, 2008

Cleo White

Amongst all the Disney Princesses, Cleo’s fave is Snow White. I’m not to sure why, but she is very very sure. Maybe its the loud colours, maybe its the puffy sleeves, but whatever the case, she looks so cute in the outfit.

Mommy added the ribbon on the head, what a wonderful touch.

Fishing at Vivo

October 18th, 2008

Cleo walking around in water

We were at Vivo today and had lots of time. We decided to go and have some fun at the water area at the roof.

Now what can you do there?

Paper Boats

Fold paper boats from brochures we did not want.

Daiso Fishes

Go to Daiso and buy $2 fishing toy!

Fishing at Vivo

Super simple fun. Put the fishes in the water and start catching them before they drift away too far.

Counting the catch

Cleo simply loved the activity especially knowing that she caught many bright coloured fishys.

Cleo's Sentosa Birthday

September 13th, 2008

Happy Cleo

Cleo celebrated her birthday recently at home. We also planned for an extended celebration at Sentosa as Cleo LOVES Sentosa.

Care Bear

Cleo wanted to sleep in the baby cot as its really special and feels like a comfortable and cosy spot for her Care Bears as well.

Morning Cleo

In the morning, she had a good big breakfast as you can see, she is so happy.

Happy Morning Cleo

Cleo laughs like mummy. The cheerful, joyful laughter. Her eyes even close like mummy’s when she laughs.

Beach Cleo

Beach, sand and sun. Our darling can spend hours on the beach. Digging, fetching water, pouring water, making little sand castles, etc.

Beach Cleo

Beach Cleo

My lady of leisure.

Birthday Cake

We had another cake. A small one this time, but its never the size of the cake. Its Cleo’s day, its her birthday, she is the star and she is happy. She have been waiting for one whole year.

Bath Time

Emo Cleo

Not sure why Cleo is having her whiny look here, but when she whines, it is still quite cute, but with her persistent whining, her e ow e ow e o e ow starts to overwhelme her cuteness. No more whining after the next Birthday.

Cleo’s 4th birthday party

September 6th, 2008

Cleo happy that its her Birthday

We’re celebrating Cleo’s birthday early this year and as usual, we’ll always ask the kids what they would like to do for their birthday. Last year Cleo’s was into cars, but this year she wanted balloons and Carebears.


Mommy rented a helium tank and filled the ceiling with pink and white balloons. That was such a sight.

Floor Chalking

Daddy took some sidewalk chalk and drew directions from the lift door into our house. The idea of rainbows was clearly a thing I had to do as that was such a Carebear thing.



Care Bears

Cleo had loads of Carebears and for her birthday we got her the biggest one.

Cleo looking at Care Bears

One of her friend even got her another Carebear. How cute. So now I think there is a small Carebear village in our house. lol…

The Pool Girl

August 30th, 2008

Cleo in pool

Cleo loves the pool. She loves the cool water, she loves the fact that she can freely move around without floats.

Many kids enjoy the company and run around, splash water on each other, etc. But for Cleo, she prefers to enjoy herself and not get too rowdy.

Cleo in pool

Her sister likes warm water, Cleo likes cold water. Cleo also likes the sun and usually gets quite a tan after a swimming session.

Naturally, Cleo is already quite tan, but when at times she goes to the beach and play sand, her tan lines are so so obvious.

She is so so cute in the photos above, not sure why the buck teeth, but its cute either way.

Cleo's first Salon visit

August 25th, 2008

Cleo at the salon

Mommy brought Cleo to her very first salon visit today. She was excited yet does not know what to expect.

Her hair was getting long and messy and mommy wanted Cleo to have a nice stylish hair. I mean stylish mommy must have stylish kids right. lol… Daddy is not complaining, cuz sooner or lateralso have to get used to it.

The outcome was pretty nice, but as daddy did not have the camera, this phone cam photo will document her very first visit to a salon. Definitely many more to come.

Botanic Cleo

August 10th, 2008

Botanic Cleo

We were at the Botanic Gardens today and it poured. It was so wet and we all had to dash for shelter while carrying all the picnic food.

Kids being kids, no matter come rain or shine, its always play day.

Mommy bought Cleo a wonderful little umbrella from Metro and i think this is the first time that Cleo actually HAD to use it. She plays with it at home all the time, but this time its REAL rain. How fun. I think she is enjoying the rainy weather. Looking very cutesy as well.

Sleepy Cleo

August 1st, 2008

Sleepy Cleo

Apparently Cleo knows where the digi cam is, she knows how to switch it on and also knows how to take pictures of herself. Daddy sometimes get suprise pictures in the camera when reviewing photos.

These random photos might also be taken by Clié but what ever the case. Its really nice to be able to see things that are happening at home when daddy and mommy is at work.

When Cleo is not laughing or jumping about, she always have that serious mellow thinking look. I wonder what she is thinking about here. Maybe “Will daddy scold me for playing with his camera”.

Preparing to sleep

July 6th, 2008

Cleo prepares to sleep

What must you do before you go to bed? brush teeth? go toilet? drink milk? kiss mommy good night? Those are not the important stuff for Cleo.

Before she sleeps, she must “arrange” her bed. And she does it by carefully lining up her soft toys to create a parameter around her bed. This is a must do and she does it EVERY day.

How cute and how strange. lol… i think the OCD bit is from daddy.

Care Bears

June 7th, 2008

Cleo looking at Care Bears

We were at Downtown East today and were lucky to be able to catch Care Bears performing.

Cleo hugs her Care Bear tightly as she watches the big one moving about. Does she know there is a person in that suit? Or does she thinks its a REAL Care Bear? I think she knows…

She is definately one happy girl today.

Hair Cut

May 20th, 2008

Cleo getting her hair cut by mommy

Cleo’s teacher told us that her hair is too long and heavy. In school she keeps pushing her hair back and when she plays, her hair also gets in the way.

Cleo’s hair is quite thick too, so its time for snip snip.

snip snip

You can see mommy actually snips off quite a lot.

Smile for the camera

Ta Da! the cute little girl just became cuter.

The girls

Glamour shot together with Clié.