Water Play at Zoo

Water Play

There is a new water play area at the Zoo and we brought the kids there to enjoy the Saturday morning.

As we went with Pearl’s sister’s family too, Clié was busy playing with her cousin who is of the same age and left Cleo to play by herself. Cleo have already gotten use to it as it happens all the time. More so when Clié’s type of playing is running and running very fast, Cleo is so not into that. She is fine playing by herself, very much like mommy.

Water Play

The things there were quite fun. Cleo could make a dam, block the water, see how the water flows thru the little holes, etc. I can see that she is trying all sorts of combination to see what would happen. Its like a mini hydro science lab here.

Water Massage

Cleo being very much like mommy, enjoys also a good hydro massage. She sees mommy doing something like this before, so she tried it out. I think she enjoyed it as she was in that position for quite some time. OMG, she is so so so much like mommy.

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