Cleo's 3rd Birthday

Cupcakes for school

This year Cleo is 3 years old. Mommy made mini cupcakes for Cleo to bring to school to treat her friends. Although the teachers did not allow the parents to be around, but we believed they had a good time.

Both Daddy and Mommy took leave on that day and picked up Cleo and Clié at the school when it ended. With Vouchers to a restaurant in Paragon, we went there for lunch and then over to Toys ‘R’ Us after lunch.


We planned to get Cleo something nice, but we did not have a clue what should we get.

Cleo recently liked the animation Cars alot and we saw this little red car and i immediately decided that we need to get this for her. You can see how happy she is.

Her cars

She loved her cars and she wants to play them all the time. At home, now the preferred mode of transport is by “car”. lol.

Ice cream cake

At night, wel went to Changi Airport for dinner and with that day being her birthday, she had a free ice cream cake at the restaurant and she loved it.

Blowing first cake

On Saturday, mid afternoon, we decided that we should have a mini party for Cleo and we did. There were party hats, food and of cause a cake. But as the theme is “Cars” we printed out a picture of her favorite car and just plonked that printout on the cake. Wahlah its now an expensive looking cake.

Cake distributor

Cleo is a wonderful girl. Cheerful, full of joy and laughing all the time. She is funny to have around. omg… i miss her already.

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This little girl is so adorable!

She is one of the most beautiful young girls i have seen.

I hope life takes her where she wants to go, I’m sure she will go far.

I pray that God will bring her happiness.

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