The Simple Life


We all went to “The Simple Life” at Wheelock Place for lunch and Cleo was a busy girl. She played with the chop sticks, poked it in the chicken rice and flung rice out as if she was playing with sand on a beach. She also insisted on climbing on top of the table.

She have been climbing alot lately. Up the TV console, up the kitchen top, benches, sofas, stools, etc… And when she is carried away and told not to climb, she springs back to climbing again and screams and squirm if you stop her. Her cute looks can be deceiving and for the record, she is a handful.

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I’ve heard about the Pan family but this is the first time i’m visiting the Pan family sites.. Cleo, Clié, Pearl and Nick.. and i must say that your two daughters looks really adorable! It must be the genes!

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