Walker & Me


Here is Cleo on the Kolcraft’s Tiny Steps™ Walker with Mini Maestro™. We knew we were going to have more than 1 kid, so when we were shopping for a walker, i took a long time choosing one. Here is Clié on the walker when she did not know how to walk yet.


The good thing about this walker is that the music is not tacky like mot walkers. We wanted our kids to be surrounded with good music from young. You can hear the music by clicking on the “Demo Music” button on the walker’s website.

2 replies on “Walker & Me”

she’s starting to look more and more like her big sis when clie was at this age huh.. uber cute.. lurve her smile!

nick, i know wat you mean! johnC gets very3 TURNED-OFF when i played “O mc’donald” tune over & over again to jodee! hahhaa!!!

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