Happy Day Girl


Today Cleo signs up for her the very first membership since she was born and its a big one. She is now officially a member of Sentosa. The picture above is taken by Clié so that explains the composition.

Cleo has an interesting character. She is never bored. She can self entertain. Here we are… waiting for things to be processed and here she is enjoying herself walking around laughing at who knows what. She is definitely a happy girl.

Cleo have this phrase that she always says, “Happy day”. Sometimes she will ask “Today happy day?” meaning, “will we go out and do something interesting?” or at the end of the day she will say “Today happy day!”, meaning “I totally enjoyed the day and I had fun.” sometimes she will repeat “Happy day! Happy day!”, meaning “lets go out now… why are we still at home.”. Cleo is our Happy Day girl!

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