The Terrible 3s

Cool Cleo

Gong Xi! Gong Xi! This is what Cleo wore on the first day of CNY 08. A nice rainbow-ish dress that brings up the bubbly character she has. With the orange shades, we have a cool little girl.

The girl is growing and now at 3yo she knows what she wants and most of the time insists persistently. There was one night we were at the petrol station and she was sleeping in the car, she woke up only when we were just leaving. She wanted to get down, she wanted to have a walk in the petrol station’s convenience store… but we just left… so this lead to a 3 hour tantrum that almost killed us her parents.

At 1am i could not take it anymore. I told my self, i’ll put myself in her shoes… “Going to the petrol station is a big deal”… ok… car keys.. off we go.

Cleo playing cards

The opinionated girl wants to do things her way. She just reached an age where she knows what she wants, she have preferences. My girl is growing… and the day will come when she knows who she wants to hang out with and i hope we her parents are in the list.

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I share your sentiments. My girl is just 16 mths and she is already pretty opinionated. She will never allow us to teach her how to play her toys. She prefers to play it her own way.

However, our trick is not to show/teach her but just play it in our way. She will watch from a distance and when we are not around, she willtry playing it our ways. We have to start playing ‘mind game’ with her liao.

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