Our baby is one cheeky girl. And randomly, she likes to sneak up to us and surprise us with her “BOO” then followed by her hysterical laughter. lol…

Today, we are off to downstairs for breakfast and it sounded fun to them as they mainly stay at home most of the time. Cleo loves to bring 1 toy out at least when ever she is going somewhere and as you can see, she simply still love cars.


The little monkey

Plastic Bubbles

Today, Cleo went to Go Go Bambini and she had lots of fun. She was shuttling between the big girls gigantic indoor playground part and the toddlers plastic bubble pool. Some what you can feel that she wants to grow up and be with her big sister, but because she still enjoys the baby stuff (she is still very much a baby), she stayed around the plastic bubble pool most of the time.

The little monkey

Cleo knows she was born in the year of the monkey (according to the chinese lunar calendar), but i think she did not know why daddy asked her to stick her head out of a hole. How cute.

The girls at gogo

The girls definitely had fun.


Desaru 08

Desaru 08

We went to Desaru and this is the first time Cleo actually left Singapore.

She loved the idea that we are going somewhere else and even when we got back, she kept telling us that she wants to go stay in a hotel in Malaysia. Its cute how a simple trip is such a big deal for her.

More photos at Daddy’s site.



Cleo at Church

Isn’t this such a nice photo. Its taken by Brenda and i think Cleo looks lovely here.

I think the world is growing bigger for Cleo day by day. With every new thing she comes across the classic question “Why?” and “But Why?” is used repeatedly. I love explaining, but its hard to explain in order for her to understand. An easy one would be “Why raining?” ok Clouds she understand, Sun she understands, Hot she understands, evaporation is kind hard to explain… So basically is the water go up into the sky and becomes the cloud, then when there is too much water in the cloud, it falls back down as rain.

Why so many cranes? Because they are building a house. But why? Because… Why? Because… But Why?… and so on. Classic. 🙂


The Terrible 3s

Cool Cleo

Gong Xi! Gong Xi! This is what Cleo wore on the first day of CNY 08. A nice rainbow-ish dress that brings up the bubbly character she has. With the orange shades, we have a cool little girl.

The girl is growing and now at 3yo she knows what she wants and most of the time insists persistently. There was one night we were at the petrol station and she was sleeping in the car, she woke up only when we were just leaving. She wanted to get down, she wanted to have a walk in the petrol station’s convenience store… but we just left… so this lead to a 3 hour tantrum that almost killed us her parents.

At 1am i could not take it anymore. I told my self, i’ll put myself in her shoes… “Going to the petrol station is a big deal”… ok… car keys.. off we go.

Cleo playing cards

The opinionated girl wants to do things her way. She just reached an age where she knows what she wants, she have preferences. My girl is growing… and the day will come when she knows who she wants to hang out with and i hope we her parents are in the list.


At Home

Random photo at home

When the parents are at work, the kids have their own fun. Cleo and Clié both love playing with the digi cam and you can see they go random with it. Here are some slightly more meaningful pictures Cleo took.

Random photo at home

1… 2… 3… Smile!

Random photo at home

Group shot!

Random photo at home

Caught red handed playing with mommy’s film camera.

Random photo at home


Random photo at home

Peek a boo!


The Flower Girl, the Rose Petals and the Mist


It was David and Lirong’s wedding and Cleo being once of the nieces, she gets to be a flower girl.

She came early, did the rehearsal and she was set to go. Mommy kept reminded her what she needed to do and she seemed confident.


The time came, the doors swung open, the music was playing and the dry ice made a blanket of mist over the red carpet. Cleo freaked out… She could not do it… She have not seen such a thick mist before… Cleo backed out and let her sister and cousin go drop the rose petals on her behalf…

lol… so cute.


Sweetie at Merlion


Cleo have been to the Merlion park before, but this visit still feels quite new to her. Its funny how she is afraid of the BIG merlion.


More photos of that day can be seen on Daddy’s post.


Cleo's love for red sports cars


Because of Cars, Cleo loves red sports cars. Just standing in front of someone else’s car already feels good for her.


Soft toys


Cleo loves her soft toys and above you can see her with her latest love which is a shark from Ikea and also an elephant from last time.

Sometimes she brings some of them out and sometimes she brings some of them to bed. When she can’t decide, she brings a few.

There was once mommy saw her sit up in the middle of the night… look at her soft toys and started arranging them to sleep in an orderly manner before going back to sleep herself. so so so cute…


Sunflower Girl


This sunday at church, the kids had to draw flowers and the sunday school teachers passed Cleo a big sunflower. She looks extremely lovely and her face was shining with morning glow just like the sun flower.


Cleo could not say “flower” for the longest time as she always pronounced it as “fla-leur”. I just went to ask her to pronounce it and she could say “flower” properly now. I did not know when that happened… kids grow up so fast. Cleo is definitely our bright and chirpy sunflower.


Supermarket Girl


The very funny and animated Cleo strikes again at the Giant Hypermart in Tampaines. I just wanted to get a nice decent pretty / cute shot of her, but its impossible.


She is always doing weird expressions… this one looks like she is singing opera. lol…


Cleo's 3rd Birthday

Cupcakes for school

This year Cleo is 3 years old. Mommy made mini cupcakes for Cleo to bring to school to treat her friends. Although the teachers did not allow the parents to be around, but we believed they had a good time.

Both Daddy and Mommy took leave on that day and picked up Cleo and Clié at the school when it ended. With Vouchers to a restaurant in Paragon, we went there for lunch and then over to Toys ‘R’ Us after lunch.


We planned to get Cleo something nice, but we did not have a clue what should we get.

Cleo recently liked the animation Cars alot and we saw this little red car and i immediately decided that we need to get this for her. You can see how happy she is.

Her cars

She loved her cars and she wants to play them all the time. At home, now the preferred mode of transport is by “car”. lol.

Ice cream cake

At night, wel went to Changi Airport for dinner and with that day being her birthday, she had a free ice cream cake at the restaurant and she loved it.

Blowing first cake

On Saturday, mid afternoon, we decided that we should have a mini party for Cleo and we did. There were party hats, food and of cause a cake. But as the theme is “Cars” we printed out a picture of her favorite car and just plonked that printout on the cake. Wahlah its now an expensive looking cake.

Cake distributor

Cleo is a wonderful girl. Cheerful, full of joy and laughing all the time. She is funny to have around. omg… i miss her already.


Finding Cleo


Cleo loves Finding Nemo. She have a stuff toy of the clown fish and she hugs it all the time. There was once she happen to throw it out the window maybe just for the fun of it, but after a while she got really sad. We went downstairs to try and find it, but its no where to be found. It must have got stucked somewhere.

I gave her a good lecture, I brought her to the window and told her Nemo was gone. I told her to face the window to say goodbye to nemo. She did… and when she said “bye bye Nemo…”, her voice started to shiver, her breathing got heavier, she started to cry, like a child saying goodbye to her best friend.

I felt bad, but i wanted her to understand the seriousness of throwing stuff out of the window.


The next morning when she got up for school, she burst out crying. She said her Nemo was gone. She realised that its not a matter of sleeping one night and Nemo will come back the next day. Nemo was really gone.

Quite sadly, she went off to school.

In the day, we found out that her stuff toy actually got stuck on top of a shelter downstairs. I got the ladder, armed myself with the clothes hanging pole (what do you call that??) and Nemo was rescued. Being out in the elements for the night, Nemo needed a good wash.

The next day, Cleo found Nemo as her Nemo emerged from the washing machine. I’m not too sure if she knew what happened, but maybe she thought it was a miracle or something. She was visibly happy.


Recently, we went to Underwater World and the best part of it all for Cleo would have been the big Nemo balloon. She brought it EVERYWHERE for a solid 2 weeks. She had one end of the string on her hand at ALL TIMES. She brought it to the malls, to the playground, to church (but we insisted it stay in the car). It was just amazing seeing her holding on to it bobbing over her head like a guardian angel providing her with joy and company.

Oh… did i mention about the Finding Nemo handkerchief that she MUST bring to school everyday!! i just found out recently. Her dedication is AMAZING.


The Future's Promise


This is Cleo’s fave tee currently. She wears it all the time and calls it the “ABCD shirt”. She wears it at home, wears it to the playground, she wears it all the time.


Here is Cleo before being scolded by me on plucking of flowers in the playground.